Salesman: Sir, do you want this powder ?
Sardar: For what ?
Salesman: For ants
Sardar: No. If I give powder today, they will ask lipstick tomorrow

Mobile Bill

Sardar: Oye.. Mera mobile bill kitna hai ?
Call Centre Girl: Sir, just dial 123 to get your current bill status.
Sardar: Abbey STUPID, current ka nahi mobile ka bill chaahiye !

State of river

In the Kaun Banega Karod Pathi show:
Amitabh: In which state does the river Cauvery flow ?
Sardar: Liquid
All audience clapped. Amitabh is stunned, looks back. All were Sardars !!

Kamath Hotel

Once Sardarji went to a hotel. But he took only tea and came back. Why ?
Because it was Kamath (Kha-mat) hotel !!


An astronomer was watching the sky using his telescope. A sardar was observing him. Suddenly a star falls... Sardar shouts: "Kya nishana lagaya boss !!"

Mobile Thief

Ek chor ne sardar ka mobile leke bhag gaya... Sardar ne haste haste bola "Bhag le bhag, bevakoof, charger to mere paas hai !!"


After returning home from a foreign trip, sardar asked his wife: "Do I look like a foreigner ?"
Wife: "No.. Why ?"
Sardar: "In London, a lady asked me whether I am a foreigner !!"


Ek sardar Indian flag lene gaya. Flag dekh kar sardar ne kuch bola, jise sunkar dukaanwala behoosh ho gaya... Guess what did sardar say ? "Isme aur colour dikhao"


Sardar came to the exam with a plumber. Reason ? He had heard that the question paper was leaked !!

Hello Tune

One person to Sardar: I called you so many times, and your cell said "Switched off"
Sardar: Oye! Woh to meri hello tune hai !!